Financial Benefits - LED Lighting


LED lighting reduces energy consumption by 50 to 70% compared to fluorescent & metal halide bulbs.

LED lighting retrofits are rebate eligible up to 50% of the capital cost 

Simple payback, of net capital costs, is often achieved in as little as 1 to 2 years, which makes for a great investment

Increased Net Operating Income increases your property's value

LED lighting retrofits eliminate annual lighting maintenance costs for up to 10 years

Sustainability Benefits - Lighting


LED light fixtures are longer lasting (up to 4 times longer), which results in less material going to the landfill.

A long term solution, our LED fixtures are warrantied for 10 years

LED products use 50 to 70 % less energy than fluorescent and metal halide bulbs. Resulting in less demand from the energy grid and less greenhouse gas emissions 

Retrofitting with LED lighting provides LEED certification points

LEDs do not contain toxic chemicals like argon gas and mercury found in fluorescent and metal halide bulbs

Health, Safety & Security Benefits


InLight will ensure that lighting levels are increased to meet mandated H&S codes. 

LED lighting provides a bright, safe, productive and enjoyable work environment for your employees.

Increased exterior light levels will reduce slip & fall and auto accidents and deter criminal activity. A bright exterior is a safe exterior!

Increased exterior light levels will allow security cameras to better observe and record criminal activity

E.V. Benefits


 EV Charging stations attract and retain tenants and employees 

Access to EV stations in multi-residential and commercial facilities increases the likelihood of electric vehicle purchase, which reduces GHG emissions.

Hosting a EV charging station is a highly visible way to exemplify environmental values and stewardship. 

Charging-station hosts have the opportunity to generate revenue directly from EV drivers using their stations.

ASHRAE Audit Benefits


ASHRAE Audits provide a complete & detailed analysis of the state of your buildings mechanical, water and lighting systems.

Audit information and recommendations allow building operators to make informed changes to their system settings and complete thoughtful system capital improvements, which will reduce maintenance and increase energy efficiency.



InLight provide the benefit of "peace of mind" to its clients by offering best in industry LED lighting warranties.

Our solutions are made to last and we stand behind our product and workmanship.

These 5 to 10 year warranties give clients the confidence and assurance that once the project is complete they will be supported for years to come.